This event is the second event of the second season of “America’s Role in the World: A Debate”, a debate series hosted in partnership by the Brookings Institution and Charles Koch Institute. Created in 2017 to engage the broader American public on critical global affairs issues and to expand the dialogue around U.S. foreign policy, the series’ first iteration brought debates to key U.S. cities including St. Louis, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, and Detroit. This year, the Series aims to deepen the discussion and broaden its reach to incorporate new parts of the country.
The Foreign Policy program at Brookings conducts nonpartisan, independent research that addresses the most pressing foreign policy issues of our times. Brookings’s work seeks to inform policies and institutions in the United States and abroad that promote global peace, security, and prosperity. The Brookings Foreign Policy program includes nearly 40 resident scholars as well as additional distinguished fellows and nonresident fellows working both independently and collaboratively to analyze issues ranging from energy and climate policy, to the regional geopolitics of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, to the crafting of U.S. foreign policy. 
For more than five decades, Charles Koch’s philanthropy has inspired bold new ideas to improve American lives. Inspired by a recognition that free people are capable of extraordinary things, the Charles Koch Institute supports educational programs and dialogue to advance these principles, challenge convention, and eliminate barriers that stifle creativity and progress.

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